DRIP’s $6.14 Token Price Could Explode. Are You Invested?

With DRIP, you will earn 1% in daily rewards, paid out in DRIP tokens. Using the blockchain’s Smart Contract feature, DRIP is programmatically and guaranteed to pay out every single day.

Michael Johnson
4 min readOct 14, 2022

UPDATE: Since publishing this article, the price of DRIP and every single other mainstream crypto has changed. View current DRIP price on CoinGecko.com. I still believe in DRIP and it’s currently the only project I’m invested in.

We’re now 6 months in after DRIP’s 1-year birthday and things seem to be picking up. Price in April 2022 was at an all time low, around $4.80/DRIP. However, DRIP’s creator, Forex Shark, has a bunch of goodies planned to be released in the coming weeks/months.

This should get you excited.

In just a few days (October 18, 2022), we’ll experience the launch of the Animal Farm Farms where it’s anticipated that thousands of users will be depositing their DRIP/BUSD LP tokens. This action could increase the price of the DRIP token.

Why Invest in the Animal Farm Farms?

As you can see in the image below, adding some DRIP/BUSD LP tokens to the Farms allows you to collect passive income in the form of the PIGS token. The PIGS token (newly named AFP — Animal Farm Pigs) is now worth $170.38; a rise from $75 a few weeks ago.

Earn PIGS by depositing DRIP/BUSD LP tokens (available Oct. 18, 2022)

Collecting these PIGS tokens will then allow users to earn even more passive income in the form of MORE PIGS and BUSD, creating the ultimate earning experience of never having to sell the underlying asset (which is DRIP/BUSD LP). Here’s the process:

Stake DRIP/BUSD LP tokens -> Get PIGS -> Add PIGS to PigPen -> Get PIGS & BUSD as Reward -> Pair BUSD with DRIP Claimed from DRIP Faucet -> Repeat Cycle

Here’s my video on how this cycle works:

If this type of strategy is something you’re interested in, I have spent a bit of time making simple tutorial videos on how to get started and you’re welcome to watch all my videos here.

To get started, you’ll need some DRIP/BUSD LP tokens and you can learn how to get those from this video:

I think another reason why the price of DRIP will skyrocket has everything to do with the DRIP Garden.

What’s the DRIP Garden?

You can think of the DRIP Garden as a game. The idea is to grow as many Plants as possible in order outrun the decay of the Plant price. As the value of the Plant goes down, you’ll want to increase the amount of Plants in your garden. Doing this is supposed to give you 3% in daily rewards.

As you can see from the screenshot below, my garden current consists of 1.5 million Plants and that makes me $33.41 in daily income (in the form of the DRIP/BUSD LP token).

Remember above when I said you could earn passive income in the form of PIGS (above) just from Staking some DRIP/BUSD LP tokens??

Currently, the decay of Plant price is going down a little faster than normal because many people are draining the DRIP Garden in order to Stake their earned LP tokens in the Farms on October 18th.

Even though this is happening, I still believe the DRIP Garden earnings will go up because you can’t have one part of the DRIP ecosystem without the other.

Farm the Harvested DRIP/BUSD LP tokens from the DRIP Garden -> Get PIGS -> Add PIGS to PigPen -> Get PIGS & BUSD -> Repeat Cycle

Join the DRIP Garden: animalfarm.app/garden

The DRIP Network

Most of this article has been discussing the Animal Farm but what about the DRIP Faucet?

The DRIP Faucet is a contract. It pays out a consistent 1% in daily rewards based on the amount of DRIP tokens you hold in that Faucet. In my current account, I have 2,257 DRIP in my deposits. This means, I’m collecting 22.57 DRIP tokens every day. That’s the equivalent of earning $138/day. Oh, and did I mention, I’ve done absolutely nothing extra to earn that, other than make an initial deposit?

Many people who invest in the DRIP Faucet decide to take their daily earnings (DRIP tokens) and pair them with the BUSD they’re earning from the PigPen. That’s another way to get that precious DRIP/BUSD LP pair without investing new capital.

If you’re not familiar with anything I’ve mentioned, take a look at my DRIP tutorials below. All articles are FREE to read!

The Ultimate List of DRIP Tutorials

  1. How to Install a Wallet Needed for DRIP: https://coder828.medium.com/how-to-install-metamask-or-walletconnect-for-drip-dd3dd5c5a3a4
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I think we’re going to see some BIG numbers in the next few weeks. If you’d like to join any of my teams, all the links are listed here:



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