How to Hydrate DRIP to Increase Total Payout (Step 5 of 7)

If you want to start getting higher payouts daily, you’ll want to increase the amount of DRIP in your deposits. This tutorial will show you how to hydrate (increase your Deposit balance) to earn higher rewards.

Michael Johnson
3 min readFeb 7, 2022

By now, you should have a wallet that contains BNB and now some DRIP. If you missed the previous tutorials up to this point, check those out below:

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    How to Hydrate DRIP
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From here, let’s head to the Faucet page to Hydrate our DRIP.

The word Hydrate is associated with compounding interest. The money that you earn will show up in your Available balance:

When you click the Hydrate button, you’re essentially taking the Available balance and putting it back into your Deposits, or “re-compounding.” In doing this, you’re able to raise the amount in your Deposits and allow you to earn more in your Available balance.

The Available balance is a representation of 1% of your Deposits.

The higher your Deposits balance, the more you’ll be able to have in your Available balance. On days that you Claim those funds instead of Hydrating them, that money will show up in your MetaMask (or other) wallet, not in your Deposits.

In order to Hydrate, all you need to do is click the Hydrate button below the DRIP deposits section:

From here, if you have MetaMask it will pop open asking you to confirm the Hydrate transaction. You’ll click Confirm.

If you have another wallet, you’ll need to open that wallet to confirm the transaction.

If everything is successful, you’ll see your Available balance get added into your Deposits. If there was an error, the website will show it.

And that’s it!

If you want to get technical, instead of randomly Hydrating when you remember, you can find a good schedule for how often you should Hydrate in order to maximize profits:

The Google Spreadsheet included in the video above is here:

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