How to Buy DRIP Tokens And Save 10% in Purchase Fees (Step 4 of 7)

With this method, you’ll save 10% in fees from using the DRIP website to purchase your DRIP tokens.

Michael Johnson
3 min readFeb 7, 2022

Assuming you’ve followed my previous tutorials, you’re all ready to buy your first DRIP token(s). If you missed the earlier tutorials, you can find all links here:

  1. How to installing MetaMask or WalletConnect wallet
  2. How to buy BNB on the Binance Smart Chain
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    How to buy DRIP (and save 10% in fees)
  5. How to Hydrate DRIP
  6. How to Claim DRIP
  7. How to Sell Claimed DRIP Tokens Back into BNB

To get started, let’s head to the DRIP website’s Fountain page.

In the Buy DRIP section, enter the amount you want to buy based on the amount of BNB (on the Binance Smart Chain) you have to spend:

If you noticed in the image above, I’m keeping 0.2 BNB in my account. This is needed to pay for future fees associated with DRIP. I recommend keeping at least 0.2 BNB in your account to pay for those fees.

For reference, the price of BNB right now is $436 so 0.2 BNB is around $87:

  • Hydrating: ~0.0028 BNB ($1.22)
  • Claiming: ~0.0012 BNB ($0.52)

With the 0.2 BNB saved for paying fees, I estimate i’ll be able to either Hydrate or Claim around 100 times before needing to add more BNB to my account to pay for future fees.

Once everything looks good, click the Buy button.

Now that you have purchased some DRIP tokens, you’ll want to make sure they show up in your MetaMask (or other wallet).

For MetaMask, you’ll want to make sure you have the Binance Smart Chain network selected (scroll down to Step #3: Sending BNB to MetaMask in this tutorial) and then click the Import Tokens link:

From here, enter in the DRIP contract address: 0x20f663cea80face82acdfa3aae6862d246ce0333

And click the Add Custom Token button.

Now, head back into your main MetaMask area and you should see your newly purchased DRIP tokens:

If you see DRIP listed with a balance, you’re ready to Deposit those DRIP tokens!

On the Faucet page, enter the amount of DRIP tokens you want to Deposit and click Deposit:

After clicking Deposit, MetaMask (or your wallet) will pop open and you’ll have to confirm this transaction.

Please note, there is a 10% tax on Deposits. If you Deposit 10 DRIP today, you’ll receive 9 DRIP in your Deposits. However, adding these DRIP tokens will allow you to start earning 1% daily returns, up to 365% returns. You can see my account here:

If you’ve successfully gotten this far, you’re ready to learn about Hydrating! Read the next tutorial on hydrating DRIP and how to get started.

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