This Tool Automates Content Creation and Makes Me $2,000+/mo on Autopilot

Michael Johnson
5 min readMay 4, 2022

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about a content-writing tool called Jasper. After publishing that content, I realized I forgot to add a writing sample of what the tool can actually do. Content Writing Software

The reason you’d use Jasper is to automate content creation for your websites and social platforms in order to get boosted in search engine results because of it.

In my experience, using Jasper has allowed me create new articles on my websites and in doing so, I’ve increased profits by $2,000+ every month (from a combination of increased traffic and sales).

Jasper is a COMPLETE game changer!

While it does sound too good to be true, Jasper does help you achieve search engine success faster than writing good content on your own.

Jasper Pricing

Your price will depend on the amount of words you ask Jasper to write per month.

Starter Plan

Choosing to pay $29/mo (or $24/mo if yearly) for the Starter Plan gives you the ability to figure out if Jasper is right for you:

  • Words Per Month: 20,000
  • User Logins: Up to 10
  • Writing Length: Short Copywriting
  • Input Length: Good Context
  • 50+ Templates: AI that helps you write short-form content like product descriptions, paragraphs, ads, and so much more.
  • 25+ Languages: Need to write content in another language? Jasper can read inputs in your language and write quality content in 20+ languages.
  • Project Folders: Unlimited
  • Content Search
  • Favorite Outputs
  • Auto-save
  • Access to: Jasper Support, the Jasper Community, onboarding video calls, weekly job board posts, and the Jasper Training Bootcamp.

Boss Mode

With Boss Mode, you’ll spend $59/mo (or $49/mo if yearly) you get a whole lot more!

  • Words Per Month: 50,000
  • User Logins: Up to 10 (but you can contact them for more, if needed)
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