STOP Relying on Medium Partner Program Earnings! One Day, They Will DROP…

If you think your Medium Partner Program earnings will save you, think again.

Michael Johnson
5 min readMar 10, 2022


The first few months of writing on Medium were fairly lucrative for me, but after 4.5 months… my earnings have significantly dropped. I’m writing almost as much as before but no one seems to be reading my articles.

We’re talking $850+/mo to… ~$250.

While $250 is great and I’m definitely not complaining, the $850 paycheck was awesome! I’ve had many people comment saying they’d quit their job making $600+ per month on Medium but what happens if you quit and then your earnings drop?

Don’t quit your day job just yet!

Too many people on Reddit are concerned about losing Partner Program member status. But what they may not realize is that the Medium Partner Program isn’t the only way to make money on here.

Enter Affiliate Marketing…

If you’re writing about a topic you love, chances are there’s a product with an affiliate/referral program you can promote.

For me, I write about making money online, web development, and other financial stuff.

I promote products and investments like DRIP, Ledger/Trezor crypto hardware wallets, SEO keyword research tools, Content writing tools, browser extensions, and more.

To find a brand with a potential affiliate program, search the following in Google:

  • [replace with a brand name] “affiliate program”

After finding a brand that offers an affiliate program you’d like to promote, try to join it.

Sometimes, certain companies are stingy on who they accept but most of the time, you’ll be accepted immediately!

Once you are accepted into a referral program, you should get access to coupon codes OR referral links OR both. Most sites only use links but some have coupons.

Make sure you read the program’s terms of use!! If



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