How to Automate Content Creation and Make $2,000+/mo on Autopilot

Everyone wants to make money in their sleep. I am and here’s what I’m doing.

Michael Johnson
4 min readApr 15, 2022

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In order to make serious cash while you sleep, you need a great system. There are people online making $10,000/mo while others are making $180,000/mo. Both amounts are great but if you want to really taking your affiliate marketing and website content creation to the next level, you need to write a sh*t ton of content.

In my first 5 months writing on Medium, I managed to pull down around $2,000 in profit. That came from writing around 100 articles and letting the Medium algorithm take over and share the hell out of my articles.

I’m not going to lie. Writing all of those content pieces by hand was very, very time consuming. Not to mention, I had to come up with ALL the content myself.

That was, until I found

Jasper Content Writing Automation Tool

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Jasper, originally called Jarvis (but are now in a legal battle with Marvel Studios for naming rights), is an awesome tool you can use to literally click a button and have the artificial intelligence software write content for you.

The quality of the content is quite good. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty darn amazing.

In my previous years of affiliate/content marketing, I had used software for “content spinning.” It was REALLY time consuming because it requires writing 4 pieces of content in 1 main article and then the program will alternate the use of words.

With content spinning, you’d have to write your content like this…

I {love|like|enjoy|prefer} going to the {park|movies|theater|show}.

... and it would spit out sentences like this:

  • I love going to the…



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