How I’ve Made Over $2,200 Writing on Medium

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Michael Johnson


I’ve been writing on Medium for 4 full months.

When I started at the end of September 2021, I didn’t know what to expect. I had read a few articles from people saying they’ve earned $5,000 from Medium and since I needed a way to make some extra money online, I gave it a shot and wrote my first article, “How to Double Your Helium Hotspot Earnings With a Bread Pan.”

At the time, I had just received my Helium hotspot miner and had made over $700 from it. I wanted to share what I learned in that first month so I wrote an article that helps people increase their earnings by placing a small sheet of metal under their antenna.

To date, that article has gotten:

  • 21 hours of read time
  • $62.53 in earnings

Not too shabby for an article I wrote with no expectation that anyone would read it.

After posting that article, I published a few more and my Medium channel was starting to take shape.

My Top Earning Medium Articles

  1. Why I’m Cashing Out My $43,000 Retirement Funds and Putting My Faith In This ONE Investment! — $476 earned
  2. How Much I Earned Last Month Using the Brave Browser (payment proof) — $187.75 earned
  3. How to Mine a Cryptocurrency That Monitors Air Quality (and make ~$207/mo) — $134.92 earned
  4. How to Stake TIME Using Wonderland.Money And Earn 58,027% APY — $117.77 earned
  5. Can I Make 7,614% APY With Olympus Dao Staking OHM— $105.82 earned

From all the articles above, I posted these everywhere. After publishing, I added them to Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else I could think of.

If you want to make more money from your Medium articles, get them in front of Medium subscribers.

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Michael Johnson

I have drive and passion for making money online and teaching others how to do the same! Investing in DRIP is my FAVORITE way to make passive income!