How to Stake Helium Tokens (HNT) And Earn 5% APY The Easy Way

Michael Johnson
4 min readSep 23, 2021

You’re probably familiar with the terms “certificate of deposit” or “high-yield savings” account when it comes to earning interest, but have you heard of staking cryptocurrency and earning rewards just from holding certain coins/tokens?

I’ve been mining Helium tokens for a few months now. Yes, earning money from a device you plug into a wall is awesome, but I wanted to make money on that money.

If you look at’s website, there is a list of resources you can use to “stake your tokens and earn interest on them” for free.

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Helium Staking

There are a few websites offering Helium staking but my preferred method is a website called It’s free to sign up, the fees associated with it are paid by ALL the people, not just you, so at the end of each pay period, you’re essentially paying $0.001 in fees and earning 5% interest on whatever you’re staking.

Their interface is easy to use and getting started only takes a few minutes.

Here’s how to sign up to start earning on your HNT:

  1. You must have purchased or mined some HNT in order to use this service. You can mine HNT using a Helium Hotspot (like I’m doing) or you can buy HNT directly from or If you’re outside the United States, you can buy from
  2. Once you have some HNT, you’ll want to create a free account with
  3. After creating your account, head to the Wallet page to find your unique wallet address. This is the address you’ll send/transfer your HNT to from either or
My wallet address is 14Nfw8MFmyKeWRck5UyfGu84kMUeXqFKYkDoJEjxEqucnF13ZpY in case you want to send me some HNT! lol
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