DRIP Network — Join My Team And Receive Complimentary AirDrops!


Join DRIP Using My Buddy ID: 0x6f2d139eCc1cC20f2B4273815527D8295C576D76

Since I’m seeing great success with DRIP and my team, I’ve decided to give back to my team members and will be doing consistent AirDrops in the coming weeks (once I reach 150 team members). Right now, we have 44 members and we’d love to have you join!

AirDrops land right in your own Deposits and help increase the amount you earn daily (with those1% in daily rewards). If you like free money, you’ll love these AirDrops.

As more and more members join my team, I will be sending out more and more AirDrops because I feel it’s important to continue spreading the wealth to my downlines.

If you’d like to join my team, use this link to get started using DRIP.

If you need help getting started, read my complete guides here (all are free, no Medium membership needed).

Follow these guides in order:

  1. How to Install the Wallet Needed for DRIP: https://bit.ly/drip-step-1-free
  2. How to Buy BNB for DRIP: https://bit.ly/drip-step-2-free
  3. How to Add a Buddy ID in DRIP: https://bit.ly/drip-step-3-free
  4. How to Buy DRIP Tokens (and save 10% in fees): https://bit.ly/drip-step-4-free
  5. How to Hydrate DRIP (re-compound): https://bit.ly/drip-step-5-free
  6. How to Claim DRIP (allows you to sell/send DRIP): https://bit.ly/drip-step-6-free
  7. How to Sell DRIP (from DRIP to BNB to Cash): https://bit.ly/drip-step-7-free
  8. DRIP Calculator (select ALL 3 tabs, File > Make a Copy): https://mmwm.dev/drip-calculator

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!



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Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson


I have drive and passion for making money online and teaching others how to do the same! Investing in DRIP is my FAVORITE way to make passive income!