How to Earn ~$80/mo in Cash Back Using the Coinbase Card!

Michael Johnson
4 min readSep 28, 2021

My wife and I are on a budget. Even though we don’t have any extra “playing around” money, I managed to find a way to get some without spending a dime.

This card trumps all other cash back cards for one beautiful reason: paying rent.

Each month, I shell out just under $1,700 for rent (which includes rent, internet, and some other services). Before I knew about the Coinbase debit card, I linked my bank account and paid via bank transfer. With that method, I earned $0 in cash back.

We’re living in 2021 where $0 cash back is a thing of the past.

Enter… the Coinbase Debit Prepaid Visa Card.

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In an effort to help everyone make money online, I’m sharing this information to benefit us both.

I’ve been using this card for over a month and have earned a total of $155.23. That is essentially free money because I did nothing extra to earn it. That’s money I get to play around with, sell, convert to other cryptocurrencies, or let it sit and collect interest.

Steps to Getting This Card

  1. Sign up for a free Coinbase account.
  2. Join the card’s waitlist (inside the Coinbase app or desktop/website).
  3. Once approved, link your funds: bank account/paypal/wire transfer.
  4. Choose your crypto rewards: 4% back in XLM/GRT or 1% back in BTC/ETH/DOGE/DAI.
  5. Start spending and earning crypto rewards.

With this card, I can pay my rent and earn 4% back (in the form of cryptocurrency). After paying the small fee associated with using a debit card for this purchase ($6.95), I earn a whopping $59.05 each month!

And that $59.05 in rewards is just from paying my rent!

Other expenses like water, power, heating/air, gasoline, groceries, simply add onto that amount, allowing me to earn roughly $80 per month in cash (or crypto) back!

Michael Johnson

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