How Much I Earned Using the Brave Browser in November 2021

Michael Johnson
2 min readDec 30, 2021

Every month, I like keeping track of my Brave browser earnings. Five months ago (or so), I discovered Brave after watching a YouTube video and have never looked at browsing the Internet the same.

With Brave, you get access to:

  • Faster page loading
  • Less distraction from YouTube ads (video ad blocker built in)
  • Earning cryptocurrency (in the form of BAT, Basic Attention Token)
  • Private browsing (with DuckDuckGo)
  • VPN
  • A browser that works exactly like Google Chrome

… and LOTS of other awesome features!

Brave browser safety and earnings
Brave Browser Features

November Brave Browser Earnings

The more installations of Brave you have across multiple desktop/laptop devices, and using those devices often, the more you’ll make. Plus, if you’re a part of the Brave Creator program, you can earn even more when other Brave users tip you each month!

In November, I earned:

  1. 5.73 BAT as a Brave Creator
  2. 4.81 BAT from browsing using my desktop and laptop. Unfortunately for mobile iOS users, we don’t earn from using Brave on our phones. However, I believe Android users do, so keep that in mind!

This brings my total earned in November to 10.54 BAT (~$13.33).

Now, before you get critical and say, “$13??? That’s it???” please understand that this is literally the definition of passive income. If you’re using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, some Windows browser, you’re not earning anything! Brave offers a money-making solution that NO other browser is willing to do.

To me, I think that’s pretty awesome.

If you want to download Brave and get started earning a little bit of passive income like I’m doing, or you’re still hesitant, check out the links below:

Good luck!!

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